Sunday, November 25, 2012

Be a Tool!

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after "Black Friday", the Friday following Thanksgiving, created by retailers to persuade people to shop online. So tomorrow, millions of people in the United States will go online (even while at work!) to find the best deals on well...just about everything! 

Oxfam America knows that too! So, they created something called Oxfam America "Unwrapped". It's your opportunity to give a gift this holiday season that helps Oxfam in their work to eliminate hunger and poverty. So, be a tool! Or a vegetable garden! Or a farmers market! Or books for schoolchildren! Or...well, the list continues. Whatever gift you choose, know that Oxfam America is highly rated by Charity Navigator and the BBB, meeting all 20 Standards for Charity Accountability - so your gift is being used responsibly.

Click here to give your gift today! It only takes a few minutes and makes a world of difference!

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