Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where will you sit?! An Oxfam America Hunger Banquet coming your way...

Ready or not, here it comes!

The 2014 holiday season is rapidly approaching and whether your reaction is “YAY!” or “Not again! Didn’t we JUST do this?”, the world around you is about to transform – music, decorations, lights, holiday parties, and (dare I say it) snow for us northern latitude folks. Perhaps the most beloved transformation of all is the food.

Yes, food. The holidays seem drenched in gravies, piled high in side dishes, and sweetened in delectable desserts. Research from the Calorie Control Council indicates that an average American may consume upwards of 4,500 calories during a given holiday dinner. It’s no wonder the media often turns its attention to and reporting on ways to have a slimmer and healthier holiday season. But, for all that conversation about overindulgence, where’s the talk about if you don’t have enough to eat?

Thanksgiving happens to be the traditional kickoff point to the holiday season here in the United States – a celebration of a fruitful harvest and recognition of the many ways in which we privileged folk can share thanks. It makes sense, then, that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring up local, national, and global food insecurity – an injustice that nearly 1 in 7 people must live with daily.

So, as we approach Thanksgiving, I have a question for you: Where will you sit?

On Thursday, November 20th, the Iowa Oxfam Action Corps, in partnership with St. Timothy’s Faith and Grace Garden in West Des Moines and the ONE Campaign at Drake University, will host an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet. The Oxfam America Hunger Banquet is an interactive experience designed to raise awareness about poverty in a fun and enlightening way. Participants will share a meal together while learning what it means to live with AND without. Random chance will determine whether you live in poverty and must sit and eat on the floor or have a high income and can sit and eat at a table! Rev. Brigitte Black, Drake professor and pastor at Bethel AME church in Des Moines, will deliver a keynote address.

Come be a part of this moving experience and learn about the injustice of food insecurity and ways that we can all take action in our communities. It'll leave you with an amazing story to share around your table this holiday season. RSVP today!