Sunday, July 21, 2013

How will you jam with Oxfam?

What do these musical groups all have in common?

Apart from their totally awesome music – these groups, along with many others, support Oxfam’s work around the globe to help “Right the Wrong” of hunger, poverty, and injustice. By raising awareness and leveraging their “fandom” to use their voices for change, the movement grows ever stronger. This summer, add your voice to the growing community of people who believe: women deserve fairer treatment, farmers shouldn't lose their livelihoods to big corporations stealing their land, and that no person deserves to go without food. Changing the world isn't easy and that's why we need your help. From tabling at concerts, to meeting with congressional staff, volunteering at food banks, and raising awareness about the plight of poverty - the big question of the summer is: How will you jam with Oxfam?

Click here to show your support for the Behind the Brands campaign - it's quick and simple or click here to email the Iowa Oxfam Action Corps to find out how you can get involved.

Click here to download the Oxfam Summer Jams 2013 soundtrack (17 tracks) – completely free.

Jam on!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oxfam at 80/35

The Iowa Oxfam Action Corps is gearing up for the big holiday weekend! As part of our ongoing music outreach, we will be mingling with the community at this weekend’s 80/35 music festival right here in downtown Des Moines! We had such a great time last year at 80/35 that we decided to do it again.

This Saturday, the Action Corps will be collecting signatures, interacting with festival goers and spreading awareness about Oxfam. Our booth will be located in the YPC Do More Village. The Do More Village will be showcasing all things Des Moines, featuring interactive exhibits and unique demonstrations, all provided by local organizations and non-profits on Locust St. In addition to visiting our booth, you can check out the more than 40 musical acts on three stages (two of which are FREE!), including David Byrne & St. Vincent, Wu Tang Clan and local favorites H.D. Harmsen. For more information on 80/35, click here.

Interested in volunteering with Oxfam at 80/35? There are still spots available! You can contact us at

Swing by the Oxfam table at 80/35 this Saturday, and say hi! Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!