Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Make a Difference in 2015!

With the New Year now fully underway (although, maybe you're still writing 2014 on checks), I have one question for you:

How are those New Year's resolutions coming along?

So, maybe you're not the New Year's resolutions type or maybe you're doing great working towards your 2015 goals. Whatever the case may be, "volunteering more" is a focus for some of you in 2015. To help you reach your goals, we have a great opportunity that you should learn more about: becoming an Oxfam Action Corps Organizer for Des Moines.

Our Oxfam Action Corps volunteer leaders are based in 16 cities across the country (including Des Moines) and, in the last year, they have helped change the world by:
  • Delivering reports and petitions to big food companies like Kellogg and General Mills to push them to stand up for farmers rights and fight climate change;
  • Visiting Congressional offices – in DC and in their hometowns – to advocate for poverty-fighting foreign assistance, lifesaving reforms to food aid policy, and more;
  • Hosting Oxfam America Hunger Banquets, World Food Day Dinners, and other events to raise awareness about the global fight against poverty, hunger, and injustice;
  • Recruiting hundreds of new Oxfam supporters at concerts (80/35 Music Festival), food festivals (World Food and Music Festival), and other events like farmers' markets (Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market); 
  • ...and so much more.
Oxfam America is looking for skilled volunteers of various ages and backgrounds for a free national training in Washington D.C., April 24-28, 2015. Oxfam will provide online training and opportunities to meet other volunteers in Des Moines (we have a vibrant group here!). If you have some organizing experience and a passion for global justice, we want you! This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills with support from Oxfam staff and to take meaningful action locally to help change the world. In return for this opportunity, organizers who attend training in D.C. need to commit to 1 year of leadership in their community following the April training.

Action Corps volunteers include people of all ages and backgrounds, including moms and dads, professors and students, nurses, pastors, bank tellers, tech experts, retirees, food workers, musicians and, yes, even rocket scientists! 

Check out more info here, and then apply to join the Oxfam Action Corps here. Applications are due on February 1.

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