Thursday, September 27, 2012

By The Numbers

The 8th U.S. Cellular World Food Festival "By The Numbers"

Number of planning meetings before the festival: 3
Number of hours spent making the map: 6
Number of food vendors: 39
Number of food plates drawn by children: 100+
Number of banana costumes: 1
Number of bruised thumbs: 2 (low accuracy with a hammer)
Number of days in the East Village: 3
Number of attendees: 75,000 (approximate)
Number of recorded volunteer hours: 150
Number of minutes on the DVD tribute slideshow: 25

And…drum roll, please…

Number of petition signatures: 1,050

We really couldn’t be more impressed with how receptive festival-goers were with Oxfam’s GROW campaign. Check out the pictures below (and more on our Facebook page) for how beautiful our booth looked with all of the plates of food that children were drawing. So many thanks to our volunteers and to everyone who stopped when we said, “Have you heard of Oxfam?”

Children were asked to make plates of food
for a child that didn't have enough to eat.

Volunteers Brittney and Aaron showcase
our Oxfam booth!

Stay tuned for our Des Moines GROW Method Binder, which will be uploaded with next week’s blog post. After that, we start a 3-part series of blog posts leading up to the World Food Prize here in Des Moines and a celebration of World Food Day.

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