Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GROWing a better tomorrow!

On June 26th, Oxfam volunteers Crystal and Mindi (as well as co-organizers Amy Luebbert and Lance Massey) headed to St. Timothy’s Faith and Grace Garden in West Des Moines for a little community garden action. The 40,000 square foot garden supports local food pantries, community centers, as well as a family violence shelter by producing tons of fresh produce annually. So far in 2012, over 1500 pounds has been grown and harvested. With the love, care, and sweat equity put into this garden by so many volunteers, tonight fewer people have to go to bed hungry. That’s how you GROW a better tomorrow!

(Above) Crystal used the tiller to prepare the soil for beans. Check out that backdrop of corn nearly ready for harvesting!

(Left) Mindi placed the pole beans in trenches on either side of the supporting fence. We covered the beans up a little later. It'll be fun to see how much they've grown the next time we go out to the garden!
(Above) Oxfam Iowa Volunteers: Mindi, Crystal, Lance, and Amy

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