Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oxfam: Coming to a Farmers' Market Near You

Part of building a movement for climate justice is connecting with curious and concerned people and inviting them to learn and to act. Members of the Iowa Oxfam Action Corps are actively reaching out at a variety of venues, from concerts to conferences to the Iowa State Fair. Many of our best connections have been made at Central Iowa farmers' markets.

Basically, we set up a table of information alongside local farmers and craftspeople at the market. As market patrons pass by, we invite them to learn more about Oxfam and our work solving poverty and climate change. If they are interested, we invite them to sign our climate petition or join our listserv to hear about upcoming actions. The response is usually positive; as we exchange stories and information with passers-by. Not everyone wants to sign up right away, but most people appreciate the chance to learn about our work and to lend us their persepctives on our issues.

To help further our mission of empowering Iowans to make a difference for those facing poverty and social injustice, we are planning to be at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market on August 30th and again on September 29th. Come and visit us!

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